Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Signage Series and HDR

Shot at Downtown Disney, the House of Blues outdoors. Another HDR taken with handheld camera shots. The lightbulbs disappeared after my first try at the processing so I had to go back, mask a copy and do a levels on the lights. They seem to be more a part of the photo now whereas before they disappeared. The HDR on this is very effective I think. Details are brought out and the overall feel is one of an old building perhaps somewhere in the south. Is it Happy Hour yet?

Seen on Amelia Island, this painted building sign dates back to the early 1900's. Coke may not have been around then (well, maybe it was, I don't know) but using HDR technique really brings out the age of the bricks and details. The Palace/Saloon with Coca Cola was kind of tongue in cheek I thought.
Number 5  seems to have some kind of significance but I don't know what. I just liked the lighting on the sign and the strong contrast of light and dark. Also, the linear composition is very strong...This is an HDR example even though I handheld the shots.

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