Friday, September 17, 2010

This banner, made up of my own photos taken during my travels, appears on my blog for "Location Specialist." This is a new venture for me, to have a photography angle that is solely based on travel photos in my collection.

Recent Uploads and Photoshoots

Flickr Photos!  Click here for a link to Flickr and my portfolio photos.

Here you will find my latest uploads from recent photoshoots. These are photos that were chosen particularly for their outstanding photo qualities. It is also a portfolio of sorts to show the broad range of skill and vision I like to explore.
So, welcome to my world!

From the "Garden of Good and Evil" in Savannah.  I added the vignette to give it an eerie look about it. The cement ball looks like a crystal ball. The lighting gave it a dramatic effect.

Never Drink Downstream from the Herd

Photo in Tombstone, AZ, a tacky touristy kind of place. The costume on this guy was just too funny.

Monkey Mirror

Monkey Mirror
Took this photo at a zoo in NC. I discovered that taking photos of animals is more of a "lucky" shot. You have to be prepared with photo settings and focus. Then you keep shooting and hopefully one of those photos, like this one, is a winner. I did crop it to make a better composition and adjusted the color.

Contest Photos

I"ve decided to use this blog as a repository for my contest photos that I am submitting, hopefully on a regular basis. It's hard to get organized for this, but here goes.