Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Mistakes" can be good!

Been working on this photo which was terribly "noisy" or grainy with artifacts all over it. Tried many things with it - filters, desaturation color enhancement, hue saturation - can't remember all the stuff I did on it.
So I decided to use the graininess to my advantage and make it look like a phototint of sorts with a bit of illustration thrown in, i.e. the dots look. The letters were originally red but did nothing for the photo. Changed it to yellow and had to go back and do some drawing of shadows under the letters. This is where drawing and photography combine. Drawing is basic to ALL art as far as I'm concerned. If you haven't had drawing courses, go out and do some. You will learn a lot from just being observant of the light and the shadow.
In the final analysis, I do like this photo now. When I took it I thought it would be a great photo, and then looked at it at home and was very disappointed.
Not bad for a "mistake."