When Did You Start Using Photoshop?

It was about that time - in 1987 (Photoshop's birthday - I never heard of the app let alone digital art) that I needed to work on that "elephant" in the room, the IBM computer, brought home and given a place of honor against my wishes in the house. I had a Masters thesis in art education to complete. No time for toys.

My IBM-er husband tried  to get me involved with his silly computers. I would say,
"Sure, next week,"  and go to my studio where I was happily surrounded by my brushes, pencils, canvas, paper...my art nest. And the door was closed - away from all computer type civilization.

As a graphic artist my dream was to draw on acetate so that I could arrange things separately and move them around separately. Enter Disney influence here. Animation cels.

I didn't find out about Photoshop until I heard you could actually work on photos by scanning and putting them on your computer- and move stuff around too on LAYERS. WHAT? You can do WHAT???

As a "present"  my computer oriented spouse brought home from IBM, a program that could make shapes by numbers. A vector program. (a WHAT??) So I entered the random numbers on the computer keyboard. I am not a numbers person. There is a good reason why I majored in art. Well, wah lah - shapes appeared on the screen! AND...I could move them around until I hit enter. Then I could add ANOTHER shape and move IT around without disturbing the ones already there.

I entered the world of bytes...

Shortly after, I taught at  a school that actually had computers set up with Photoshop 4.0. When I saw what it could do, my prayers were answered. I haven't stopped learning about photoshop since. I have taught digital art/graphics/photography for over 15 years, have attended conferences to learn more (Thunderlizard, Siggraph, NAPP, HOW...) When I am focused to learn something, I don't stop until I have exhausted that concept. I have not hit the wall yet.

Since then I have won awards for my artwork, photography and teaching. I have been recognized by National Association of Photoshop Professionals and was asked at one time to work for them. (I was teaching - had to be vested before leaving - sigh) I have been a Worldwide Photowalk Leader and also a selected blogger for the past NAPP conference in Orlando. I say hi to Scott Kelby* because he is a familiar face. It's ok that he doesn't remember me. I like him anyway.

It's Christmas every day...

I am the art teacher who went digital and never looked back.
I am now retired from the public school sector but I still teach. My students have gone off to college (RISD, SCAD, FULL SAIL, RINGLING), were told to take Photoshop by their advisers, came back to me and said..."I know more than the instructor." How to make a teacher happy.

Thank you Mr. Knoll. You are the "teacher who appeared" when the student was ready.
 ~Dolores A. Russo

*Scott Kelby - CEO of National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

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