Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to my new PHOTO BLOG.

My main objective is to increase my cognitive skills by trying to remember everything I did in a photo and why I did it! Writing these kinds of things down does help somewhat, but just attempting to remember what I did on a photoshoot is challenge enough most of the time.

This particular photo was taken on the Photowalk in Celebration on July 24, 2010. It was completed with an HDR technique, something that I have been quite interested in lately. It gives a sharp line and nice contrast to a photo. I find that it is most successful with architecture, but there are times when it works great with other still objects. So you will see many photos here that are probably not my best, but they are experimental at this point in time. But experiments can yield some very creative results.

I use a Nikon D70s with lenses that are wide, macro and "regular." My macro lens is a fast lens at f/2.8 and it was the one I used for this shot. My wide angle lens is a 35-85mm and is suitable for landscape shots. I didn't use it on this shot however as I like how the macro fine tunes the lines. As for the "regular" lens - I hardly use it at all.