HDR - post processing fun with bracketed photos -

The "Cocktails" hdr has a definite look of illustration in it. I like how it came out with some colors really popping here. The hanging lights I had to work with separately and quite honestly, I don't even remember how I got them to look like they were lit. Check out the leaves on top of the photo - they look very graphic.

Bracketed photos - using different settings for the same photo, then using the HDR capacity of Photoshop, you will get a photo that is more detailed and somewhat "artsy" depending on what your settings were to begin with. Experiment here...
The washing machine has an illustration look about it too. I like how the black lines look very sketchy and painterly. I am probably the only one who likes this photo as I had it on Flickr and it received zero views. But it is a good hdr example of this style of illustration.

This corner shot (above) was taken while I was waiting for the light to change in a little town called "Amelia" or Fernandino Beach. I did it as an hdr and the result looks like an Edward Hopper painting. This one has received a number of views on Flickr. Who would have guessed????  Sometimes you never know what the crowd will like...

The shot of the bamboo trees on the left has a more realistic look but the colors are starting to get a little too saturated for my taste. Some people like it that way -  I don't. But the colors that are in it, like the blue, the red and the yellows, added a certain "bamboo-y" feel to this photo. Go figure.